Owned by Mexico originally but later adopted by America. Has poor relations with most state-tans, especially Wyoming.

Personality & InterestsEdit

A southern gentlemen (more like pervert!).

Wants to get married and find his true love(s). And of course have lots of children.

His hobbies include skiing and making missions to Africa.


Height: 6"4

Hair: Short, dark coloured.

Eyes: Topaz coloured.

Clothing: Is known for wearing formal type clothes (just in case he ever actually gets a date).



Wyoming - Utterly hates Utah.

Idaho - On very good terms with Utah.

Alaska - Afraid of Utah.

Virginia - Acts like an older sibling to Utah.


Axis Powers Hetalia Characters:Edit

America - Adopted by America, but Alfred seemed to regret doing so later.

Mexico - Utah use to be Mexican territory, but even he didn't care for Utah much.


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The owner of Utah is yours truely Neko-Girl123