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Personality & InterestsEdit

Yukon only speaks when she finds it is needed, which is the biggest reason why she has yet to befriend anyone. She is also extremely passive, which makes her come off as if she doesn't care.

In her free time she likes to fish, go hiking, and bird watching.


Yukon is 6'6" and is the tallest woman in the group. He hair is dark brown and is worn in a bun. Her eyes are dark brown, almost black. She has a dark patch of skin on half of her face from Melasma.



Axis Powers Hetalia Characters:Edit


+ She wears Raven feathers in her hair because Yukon's bird is the common Raven.

+ She can speak English, French, German, Chinese, Tagalog, Dutch, Spanish, Vietnamese, Hungarian, Punjabi, Gwich'in, Tlingit, and Yakuts

+ Out of those she can only say a few words and understand the last 11 (meaning she can speak the first three fluently).


Yukon was created by Arada an artist on Deviant Art.

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