Personality and InterestsEdit

Taimane Sunia is a very cheerful island girl. She has a fetish for tattoos. When she was younger she expressed a dislike for Francis, since he pegged the 'violent savage' name on her. Her hobbies include helping the Pe'a tattooing, swimming, eating, and generally having a good time. And if you can't finish a tattoo she thinks you're a pansy. Mistaken for her cousin Samoa a lot. She's a bit of a flirt but all heart and goodwill. Has a bit of a fear for Germany and typhoons. A devout

American Samoa

Christian who likes football, soccer, and wrestling. If you manage to piss her off you end up having to suffer the painful process of Pe'a tattooing.

She can get flustered easily and tries to think of herself as a leader figure. She adores the color pink along with beach related colors (sky blue, ocean blue, etc,...) but refuses to admit it. Taimane is a single lady and says she's fine with that life, but in reality she's quite upset about this and emos in her own little depressing corner once in a while.


Mid length dark brown hair worn in a pony tail and tan skin. Height wise she's about 5'7 with a slender form. She boasts a significantly taller height compared to dear cousin Samoa. Her usual attire consists of a cropped button-up loose around her shoulders and a short sarong tied around her waist. And underneath that is a simple swimsuit so she can easily rip it off and dive into water when she sees fit. When out for, for example, shopping; her style is 'trendy' with tropical patterns.


Samoa: Her cousin, who people tend to confuse her with.


Her tattoos are both the Pe'a and Malu, the tattoos for a man and a woman.