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State of Oregon



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As the eldest of the Pacific Northwest territories, Oregon is considered the caretaker and protecter of the other young territories who grouped under his wing during the explorer era.

As a child he was seen as a prize to win, ending up with 5 nations vying to lay claim to Oregon.

When he was an unorganized territory, after being claimed by America by the Oregon Treaty in 1846, he was happily living as he pleased until the tragic event of the Whitman massacre, in the part known as Eastern Washington. The government, having heard of the disgruntled natives, decided that Oregon would come under a government now, and forced him to become a territory one year after the incident.

Oregon disliked his territorial government, refusing to become a state the first three times. He was miserable, stubborn, and disliked anyone who tried to force him to do what they pleased with him. Unfortunately, he grew paranoid that Washington would do the same, and took his anger and frustration out on him. Oregon eventually caved in when Washington grew fed up with him and left with Idaho to become his own territory in 1853.

For the next six years, Oregon tried vainly to get Washington back, but gave up and decided to put all his energies into becoming a state instead. But the government was hesitant in letting him join the union, due to his stubborness from before. But Oregon fought and finally becoming the 33rd state in 1859. Since then, Oregon decided to unleash his revenge by preventing Washington and Idaho from becoming states for nearly 30 years.
In turn, Oregon has had karma bite him in the ass for doing all those things, now overshadowed by Washington. Sometime during their years, they seem to have made up, but it's really unknown unless you ask them.

Currently Oregon has a hatred for outsiders, mainly from south of his borders.

Personality & InterestsEdit

Despite his cheery smiles on the outside nowadays, history will tell you that Oregon was an overall possesive little bastard who had no cares in the world but to gain as much as possible fame though any means. Known to be highly aggravating and had swaggered his way through his days as a new territory to America, he eventually learns years later that his attitude and mean streak bites him back in the ass. Which probably explains why he's so mellow to this day, having experience firsthand that what goes around, comes around.


Shaggy rust colored hair, gray green eyes, a soul patch, stubble and a constantly fading every-other-day tan. Always has an eyebrow cocked up to indicate his disdain for anyone he thinks is more successful than he is.



"I have this hatred of outsiders." - Oregon on the subject of other states.

Washington: Despite his attitude, Oregon still holds guilt over the almost abusive treatment of Washington during their days together as territories. In doing so, he drove away one of the only friends he had during the time, allowing him to realize what a jerk he was later on. Oregon still can't believe that he actually had the balls to steal people from the younger state.

Idaho: She and Oregon weren't on very good terms with one another since Washington had gotten fed up with their 'big brother's' attitude towards them and left with her to become their own territories. They don't hate each other, but are wary of one another since they border each other.

California: There are a few states that firmly believe that Oregon and California have unresolved sexual tension between them. To describe how much Oregon hates his southern neighbor, there's really no way to capure the essence. After all, between his northern and souther neighbors, he gets ignored by everyone.

Alaska: Pretty much Oregon tried to claim ownership over Alaska during the gold rush, but she refused to be under his claim and instead went to Washington because he treated her better than she thought Oregon ever will.

British Columbia: As part of Oregon territory, they both grew up together and were separated by the Treaty. They might have even been married. Neither of them will tell. They're buddies and take the time to drink and smoke pot together.

Wisconsin: Actually admired the cheese state from afar, they have much in common in terms of making beer, cheese, being useless, and being uber failures in life. One could say that Oregon is the 'Wisconsin of the west coast', which gets them to being bros like whoa.

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