Terrence Joshua Williams


Ontario in front of his flag. Ontario's hair is messy and greasy from his nervous habit of pushing it back with his hands, he is 5 feet 9 inches and so can be considered on the tall side of average. He typically wear simple clothes made of high-quality materials.

Personality and ApearenceEdit

Ontario is chronically stressed out from over working, leading to a grumpy diposition that he tries to work around, general lack of sleep the resulted in a coffee addiction, not to mention two black business phones and a green personal one that he is CONSTANTLY one or pretending to be on to avoid conversation.

Despite all the business he does, Ontario truly is an introvert and prefers to be on the edge of things than thrust in the center of attention. It's one of his largest stressers that he is always communicating with people he does not like but has to be nice to.

He's also ridiculously stubborn and responsible, so he will truly never take a mental health day when there's work to be done.

When he has a secret cabin out in the Canadian Wilderness somewhere. He goes there regularly on his scheduled breaks to just relax nd recenter.

As a child Ontario was pretty sweet and active, he spent a lot of time playing with Canada or the other provinces, and although he's get bossy about his favorite games, and if there was ever a fight, he'd be the first to leave and would almost always pick up a book. He tended to get lost exploring the local woods quite often.



Quebec: ex-spouse

Manitoba: Neighbours


New York: neighbours and often ones of those people he has to do business with


Yukon: Ontario and him brush shoulders, Yukon considers ON as something of an older brother.

American Samoa: A very new friendshrip that was struck up by her stealing his phone.


Toronto (often called T'ronno due to her method of saying her name): Originally a human child Ontario found dieing of smoke inhalation and orphaned during the burning of York, Mary Down was taken in and given a second chance. Although she's still trapped in a young girl's body, T'ronno has the heart and soul of a clever business woman and gossipy spinster. Never say anything you don't want to get around near her. Is in favour of Ontario and Quebec "growing some balls, saying fuck the government, and getting married for real". Looks like Shirley Temple.

Windsor: Another orphan Ontario adopted, Patrick O'Hare is one of the few who started representing his city later in life, as a human, he had polio and was wheelchair bound. Now that he's a city, he still has lingering affects from the disease but is capable of walking with the assistance of a cane. Generally a cheerfull, playful guy who took on a lot of Ontario's mannerisms. Is the source of Ontario's love of whiskey.



  • 1611-1615, Ontario was started to be explored and claimed by England and France.
  • Around 1781, France gives Canada up to England.
  • "Quebec Act of 1774", Ontario marries Quebec.
  • 1784, about 9,000 Loyalists move from America to Canada.
  • 1788, "Lower" and "Upper" Canada proposed, Ontario and Quebec want a divorce.
  • 1788, England begins settlement into York.
  • 1791, Ontario and Quebec divorce.
  • 1800, more European settlements on the grounds of present-day Ottawa.
  • 1804-1807, More settlement!
  • War of 1812, Ontario is targeted by the Americans, but is not taken away.
  • 1814, Population hits 95,000.
  • 1818, Convention of 1818, reduces boundrys and fishing disputes between UK and US.
  • 1826, first settlement of London,ON.
  • 1831, population hits 236,000.
  • Ontario rebels in favour of responsible government.
  • 1840, Ontario is in dept because of heavy investments in canals.
  • 1841, Act of Union, Ontario and Quebec marry once more.
  • 1841, Population hits 455,000.
  • 1847, immigrants. LOTS.
  • 1851, population of 952,000 Ontario wants representation by population.
  • 1853, Ontario and Quebec do not agree on the elections.
  • 1861, population hits 1,396,000.
  • 1867, Dominion of Canada! Ontario is a province, York is now Toronto.
  • 1931, Canada is independent, Ontario starts Helping Canada run things.
  • 1939, Canada declares war on Germany, Ontario picks up most of Canada's internal work so Canada can handle war efforts.
  • 1945, Ontario has his first mental breakdown from overwork. Results in attempted suicide.