World's Most Expensive Guilt Trip.

Basic InfoEdit

Birthday/Confederation- April 1, 1999. Even though that's his confederation date, he's been around for much much longer.

Capital- Iqaluit

Languages- Inuktitut, Inuinnaqtun, English, and French

Flower- Purple Saxifrage

Bird- Rock Ptarmigan


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Personality & InterestsEdit

What's your Province like as an individual?


Black hair, fair green eyes, tan skin. The Province of Nunavut has supported a continuous indigenous population for over 4,000 years so he resembles his fellow natives.


Who are your Province's friends, enemies, ect.? Do they get along well with their neighbors or perhaps they interacted with some other regions over the course of their history?


-All mail has to be flown into each community!

-The population is about 25,000, and of those 25,000 people, 21,250 of them are Inuit.

-There are more snowmobiles than there are cars in Nunavut. Its the main type of transportation!

-The capital has 24 hours of daylight during the month of June, but only 6 hours in December.

-Nunavut consists of 1/5 of Canada's landmass.

-"Nunavut" means "Our Land".