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North Carolina was originally home to several Native American tribes, such as the Cherokee, the Tuscorora and the Croatans. Natalie was first discovered by Giovanni de Varrazano and later by Hernando de Soto. However, the first real attempt at colonization was Roanoke. The first settlers were forced to return and, one the second attempt, Virginia Dare, was born. John White was forced to leave for supplies and, after a very delayed return, discovered the colony missing. Only the words CROATAN were found carved into a tree.

In 1705 the first town, Bath was made. Approxiamately six years later, the Tuscorora War broke out in both the Carolinas. In 1718, Blackbeard died off NC's coast and then nothing of real importance happened for half a century. After that, Tryon Palace was built and became the capitol building.

Growing tensions with England led to the Edenton Tea Party in 1774. Once war actually broke out, NC's saw her first battle of the Revolution: the Battle at Moore's Creek Bridge! Colonel James Moore camped out on Rockfish Creek with over 1000 men, blocking the Loyalists from the coast (or at least seriously delaying them). Though they tried to get around it, NC Patriots hurried to block them and captured 850 soldiers. A couple of months later, NC was the first to vote for independence from England.

After the Revolution, NC became the 12th state before forming the University of North Carolina, the first public school in the US. In 1794, the state capitol was moved from New Bern to Raleigh.

After that, NC dozed off for a while and became known as the "Rip Van Wrinkle" state for her lack of progress. The next event of importance was the Trail of Tears, in which the Cherokee were forced from their homes. Several Cherokee managed to hide in NC's mountains. In 1831, the State Capitol burned while NC attempted to fireproof the roof.

In 1836, Edward Dudley became the first popularly elected govenor rather than having a govenor selected by the senate. In 1840, NC finally acts upon plans made in 1817 and creates public schools. Also, the new State Capitol is finally built. IN 1853, the first North Carolina State Fair was held!

That's when the Civil War begins and NC secedes from the Union (1861). In 1865 the Battle of Bentonville was fought and became the bloodiest battle NC fought. About a month later, a large number of NC's troops surrender. Somehow, Andrew Johnson became the 17th president (the third president from NC) in that same year. Three years later, NC is allowed back into the Union.

It still took until 1877 for the federal reoccupation troops to leave. A year later, a Cherokee reservation is formed to protect the Native Americans who had lived in the area. NC began working on her textiles and furniture after that.

In 1897, a bill to give women the right to vote in NC is proposed but never passed (probably because it got sent to a comittee on insane asylums).

The next important event occured in 1903 in Kitty Hawk: the first successful flight by the Wright brothers! In the 1920's tobaccos becomes NC's important crop and in 1943, Pembroke State College (UNC-Pembroke) becomes the US's first public four-year college for Native Americans. Sixteen years later, Research Triangle Park opens allowing NC to join in the high-tech growth.

Then, the Civil Right's movement began. On Febuary 1, 1960 the first every sit-in occurs in Greensboro.

At the same time, Governor Terry Sanford begins his "Go Forward" program to improve education. He also establishes the North Carolina Fund to end poverty, which becomes a model for programs across the nation. In 1993, the Smart Program becomes a national model.

In 1994, NC's Raleigh-Durham area is ranked as the best place to live in the US.

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