"The Loyalist Providence"

Personality and InterestsEdit

Julia Dupoint: Julia is a high-spirited woman with a lot of pride in her providence. She’s very motivated and optimistic, but is somewhat naive and not very good at deciphering the intentions of people and organizations. She’s very math-savvy and presents herself in a sort of friendly businesswoman-like light. However, despite this all, Julia tends to be a little reclusive when she’s not doing something job-related. On that note, she’s secretly pretty selfish and codependent. This might have its roots from when she had been engaged to Nova Scotia but was later dumped. Julia is still very much in-love with Scott, despite time tearing them apart.

Anton Morel: Anton is a reserved Francophone who is very skilled with his hands. He’s very knowledgeable and tends to read voraciously when given the chance. In a way, he’s very opposite of Julia. Anton is very good at reading people and often can decipher their motives. Although it may seem that he’s a weaker character than Julia, this is not necessarily true. Anton is very strong mentally, emotionally, and physically and is usually good for ideas. He’s often seen as blunt and almost rude, but really, it’s his way of avoiding drama. His relationship with Quebec is pretty decent, and he knows Maine is good for a handful of blueberries or two.



Julia (urban New Brunswick) and Anton (rural New Brunswick)


Nova Scotia:



Prince Edward Islands:

New York:


- Much of the salmon and fresh seafood served in New York restaurants daily is caught in New Brunswick.
-New Brunswick is Canada’s only officially bilingual providence.
-The motto: “Hope is restored.”
-Although Fredericton is the capital city, St. John is the oldest and largest city.
- NB was one of the first four providences in Canada.
- Over 32% of the population are Francophones.
- The Saint John river valley is called the “Potato belt” for its main crop of-- you guessed it-- potatoes.
- Hartland Bridge is the world’s longest covered bridge. The providence is infamous for its covered bridges.
- The locals of NB refer to covered bridges as “kissing bridges.” There’s 62 opportu- I mean-- covered bridges in New Brunswick.
-Kings Square is not actually shaped like a square. It’s shaped like a rectangle and from an aerial angle, it’s designed to look like a Union Jack (the design on the British flag.) Just a little reminder of why it’s called the “Loyalist providence.”
- The Bay of Fundy’s tides are so strong that it actually changes the direction of the flow of the St. John river depending on whether it’s high or low tide.
-Industry: service industries, food and beverage processing, wood and paper products, mining, tourism.
-Agriculture: lobsters, crabs, and other seafood; potatoes, dairy products, poultry, nursery stock, livestock.