Official Name

U.S. State of Minnesota

Human Name

Ava Brennin


The North Star State; Land of 10,000 lakes; The Gopher State; 32nd State










May 11th



Minnesota wears a blue coat with a cream fur collar. It is pretty chilly in Minnesota. She carries a hockey stick around with her in case she meets up with Canada and Wisconsin. Then they'll have a get together and play a little hockey. She has an ahoge (japanese for stupid hair) on her head. It resembles Greece's ahoge.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Extremely mild mannered girl. If you are from another country or state and ask her "Where's the nearest food joint" she'd curtly reply and give you a decent answer. Most would think it's always cold up North but in reality in summers reaches up to about 114 degrees Fahrenheit. Ava loves going to potlucks, or get togethers where the community shares and feasts on food. Before Ava was a part of the U.S. she was home to Ojibwe and Dakota natives, as well as French and Irish explorers, and these groups heavily influenced her vocabulary. After the civil war she quickly became populated with many other foreign heritages, mostly German and Scandinavian (swedish, finnish, norwegian, danish, icelandic.) In return, her favorite food during holidays is Lutefisk(nordic). She's rather sweet and calm everyday, but when it comes to hockey she just has a ball. She is very pet friendly. The wilderness in MN has a lot of wolves, rabbits and such, and deer can sometimes be seen crossing the surface of frozen lakes. (Really passive-agressive) She gets pissed if you make fun of the minnesotan accent. One time when Alfred imitated her she whipped out her hockey stick and chased Alfred for a long time. Seriously underneath that cutsie-pie sweetie look- there is a whole crapload of pent up anger.


Your state's back history is their life, share it here!Edit


Wisconsin: Ava is best friends with Maddy. Always hanging out or playing hockey. They like similar things and get along well.

North Dakota: Under England's partial rule, Bryon lived with Minnesota occasionally. He often played the role of an annoying little brother to her. During the Civil War there was an event called the "Dakota war of 1862".

Iowa: Normally fight over sports ( mostly football). Neighbors who have seen things change through time.