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Owen Boone used to live with his sister and brother Virginia, but after a complication moved out and became his own state.

He kept in touch with his siblings and kept good relations until the Civil War, where he stayed in the Union and fought against his sister and the other southern states. He patched up his relations with his siter right after the war and remained close. However, he has strained relations with the other southern states for fighting against them in the war.

Personality & InterestsEdit

Owen has a very tender and polite manner. He tries to avoid conflict with other states ever since the Civil War had broke out. He has interests in cooking, especially home style cooking. He is often seen cooking and baking for fun. But deep down inside, Owen is a farm boy, working his farm very hard and honestly. Another hobby he loves to do is horse race with his favorite horse Derby. Owen is also quite a musician in the fact he plays the banjo. It calms his nerves.

Out of habit, when he is nervous he will play his banjo and smoke his pipe. This often happens when he is around Alaska.

A thing to never talk about with Owen is the chain Kentucky Fried Chicken. He gets mad when people think that's all he makes.


Owen Stands at 6 ft, has rust red hair and green eyes. He has two curls in his hair, the one hanging off a bang represents the Mississippi River and the one coming off of his pony tail is the Ohio River.

He often wears a button-up shirt with suspenders, work pants, and black work shoes.

His accent is a southern twang, but somewhat muffled. His pitch raises when he says words like 'Well'.



Virginia: His older sister, he is very close with her. Even though he has strained the relationship a few times. He often drinks moonshine and rides horses with her. Owen often cooks dinner for the 3 VWK siblings.

West Virginia: His baby brother, they often drink moonshine together and watch over their older sister when she goes off on dates. Together with their sister, they often mined together back in the Industrialization period.

Illinois: His crush, because of shy and polite manner, he tries to swoon Illinois like no state can. Like having a romantic dinner at home, looking at the stars in his blue grass fields, ride horses together. All he wants to do is make her happy. (However, her brothers seem to hate the Southern Boy)

Wyoming: A friend of his who holds a love hate relationship with him. She often comes around and makes fun of him, asking him for Fried Chicken.

Axis Powers Hetalia Characters:Edit

America: He helped America in the Civil war by staying a border state and fighting for him.


  • Owen Boone's name is a mixture of two different things. Owen comes from the 4th largest city in Kentucky, Owensboro, and Boone comes from the explorer Daniel Boone, who explored Kentucky and other southern states.
  • The inspiration behind the characters design comes from the creators step family, who are from Kentucky. His clothing in particular are based on her step grand fathers work clothing, for he his a cattle farmer. His love of cooking originates from her step grandmother, who cooks and assortment of southern home cooking like tangy vinegar barbecue chicken, green beans, blackberry cobbler, etc.



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