The State of Illinois
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Isaac Lincoln


Praire State, Land of Lincoln, The Corn State, Garden of the West, The Sucker State


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State Sovereignty, National Union


December 3, 1818

Isaac is a character for the State-Tan Project and represents the state of Illinois


He doesn't remember much before French rule and would basically just play around his prairies. France would rarely visit him during this time and that left him lonely, which is why he doesn't remember much before 1720 even though France had been there since 1675. It was during 1720 when he decided that he didn't want to be ignored anymore and started sending Lousiana a lot of wheat and corn hoping it will get him noticed by France a bit more. It worked, and soon France ask for more, rewarding him with gifts and more affection and even giving him the capital of Upper Lousiana. During this time he adored his Papa and would work hard farming to send it all to the south.

In 1763, England gained control of everything east of the Mississippi River and he hated him for that. He would rarely talk to him and would refuse to show him around. He even showed his support for America during the American Revolution on July 4th, 1778, when his city of Kaskaskia fell to George Rogers Clark and his force of 200 men during one of the western most battles and he rang the church bell "liberty bell" that France had given him in celebration.

With the help of General George Rogers Clark, Virginia then gained control of him during that year, helping him and being quite motherly towards him. He spend quite a lot of time with her and his new found "siblings" often playing with them and being quite mischievous but generally well-behaved. Although Virginia ceded him to America in 1783, he still spend quite a lot of time with his siblings that made up the Northwest Territory.

The Battle of Fort Dearborn (sometimes known as the Fort Dearborn Massacre) shook him up. The battle was during the War of 1812 and the Miami Indians ambushed and killed men, woman, and children that were stationed there. The Miami supported the British in an effort to get back their land and this massacre angered him because they were his people that they attacked. He convinced himself that they were hostile which would later lead to an indifference to the Black Hawk War.

Statehood (1818-present):Edit

On December 3, 1818 he finally gained statehood becoming the 21st state after being a territory since February 3, 1809. At the beginning of the year though, he saw Indiana had been successfully granted a 10-mile extension of her boundary to include Lake Michigan. When he saw this he asked America if he could also get a 10-mile extension because his boundary only reached to the southern tip of Lake Michigan, which gave him no shoreline. He got it and was satisfied with it but one of his delegates, Nathaniel Pope wanted more and successfully lobied for the boundary to be shifted 42° 30' north which help include Chicago.

In 1832, he participated in the Blackhawk War, assuming that they were hostile and wanted to massacre his people like the Battle of Fort Dearborn even though Black Hawk, a Sauk leader wanted to avoid bloodshed resettle land that had been ceded to the United States in a disputed 1804 treaty. This war lasted only a couple of months from May-August 1832.

He briefly became Mormon for a brief time in 1839 after Missouri expelled them and he accepted the refugees that founded the utopia city of Nauvoo until 1844.

Personality and InterestsEdit

He is a down-to-earth type of guy and a realist. He often gets lost in his own thoughts and can sometimes overthink things. He can find the beauty in any landscape even in his corn fields. He often wears a small earnest smile on his face and always there to help with some Midwestern Hospitality. But he is no pushover and goes at his own pace, never giving a second glance at what others may think. Because of this he sometimes might not realize when he is doing something wrong.

He loves architecture and his hobbies include swimming, fishing, and farming. He would often visit his siblings during the summer (mostly WI and MI) and be oblivious about how he acts up there, having a mentality of them being the hosts and offering him whatever he wants.


Hair Color: Light Brown

His hair is kinda wavy but mostly straight. If he cuts it short, it’s straight but if he lets it grow it turns pretty wavy.

Clothes: He has a dark jacket over a light green hoodie and underneath that a black shirt with a blue six-point star. The star comes from his heart city, Chicago which has a flag with 4 stars like that and the blue represents his part of Lake Michigan and the Mississippi River. He wears sorta baggy shorts with brown sneakers.

Height: 5’8”

Eye Color: Brown

'Skin Color: Light Skin, but during the farming season he might get a light tan.



The Midwest:

Wisconsin: Likes fighting a lot with her, he will not hesitate to bother her when summer comes along which has earn him a special nickname from her, FIB (F*cking Illinois Bastard) Although they fight a lot like most siblings do, he does care for her and can be pretty protective of her at times.

Indiana: Because they both share a lot in common (corn, flatland, similiar size) they fight like most other siblings do. But he does like visiting her once in a while, enjoying joking around and trying to see if he could take her cars for a joy ride.

Michigan: Once in a while he likes watching hockey with her (Blawkhawks vs. Red Wings anyone?). Although this days consist of them fighting about Asian Carp, which can turn pretty bad.

Iowa: He has a corn rivarly with Gabe, often trying to find ways to up himself to number one producer of corn but failing most of the time (this is where his skills of bribing, lying and sneaking around are mostly likely being used)

S.Missouri: Because of a long ago rivarly (Chicago vs. St. Louis) they haven't quite stop trying to one up each other, although most of this rivarly is now played on baseball (Cubs vs. Cards)

The East

New York: He did quite a bit of trade with him, shipping NY all the shipments from the west via the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway. They also had a small rivarly (Chicago vs. NYC and the Skyscraper race in the early 1900's) This days he only talks to NY if it has to do with Finance (ex: CME buying the NY Mercantile Exchange, blah)

Axis Powers Hetalia Characters:

America: He views America like his dad or parental-figure, and is always trying to impress him in some way or another (First skyscraper, Introducing him to the hamburger, Ferris Wheel, etc) Since he is the "Micronism of America" he understands a little bit more about what America is thinking and his stance on things, often taking the same stance himself.

France: Although now he doesn't like him as much, he is still quite fond of him, keeping things like a liberty bell France gave him when he was a child. He might sometimes call him Papa once in a while.

Poland: They are polar opposites but he shares quite a lot in common with Poland because of his high polish population (Chicago has the second most poles in the world after Warsaw) He celebrates things like Pulaski Day and the Polish Constitution Day with Poland and often hangs around with him when he can.