(by State)

North DakotaEdit



St. Louis

Rhode IslandEdit









Jackson (Jackson Hole Valley)

Wind River Reservation

Fort Bridger


Jackson Ms (played)

Biloxi Ms (Implied)

Natchez (Implied)

Vicksburg (played) Mississippi Bridge (played)

(by Province)




Hector- NM's pet lizard kept under his hat.

Tony- Alien living in America, discovered in Roswell.

Chompy- Florida's pet Aligator

Tobby- the ill-tempered badger given to Quebec by Wisconsin

Shiloh o'l Blue- Mississippi's Alaskan Malamute given to him by Ten

Felix- Mark's Catfish and reprensentive of Marks catfish industry.

Red- Rhode Island's evil pet RI red chicken.

Douglas- Wyoming's pet jackalope. Represents the town of Douglas, Wyoming, "Home of the Jackalope"

Stella and Oscar- North Dakota's two hunting dogs, both are female.

Deli- New Jersey's pet "devil", commonly known as "The Jersey Devil"

Budgie- Hawaii's pet Budgerugar/parakeet. Known to be a smart ass.

Chubs- Hawaii's pet malamute-husky mix.

Derby- Kentucky's pet horse. He is Kentucky's companion, transportation, and represents the horse racing of Kentucky.



Conch Rebublic- This character has yet to appear in STP at all, but Florida's creator did make him around the same time she made Florida, and even planned for him to appear in a comic with her sometime. (Unfortunetly Florida's creator is slow, unmotivated, and self-concious all the time) Could possibly be related to both Florida and Cuba.

Former States/TerritoriesEdit

Hawaii Used to be his own country/independent nation prior to the overthrow of the monarchy. Still sensitive about the issue even today.

West Florida- Has yet to appear in STP, but that's because Florida's creator has trouble deciding whether or not she should be an actual character. At one point the creator thought pigtails would work just as well, or maybe Florida had longer hair back then. (since the shape of the state looks like it got a trim) Unless FL's creator can actually find out what the area was like, this area may not develop into a character after all.

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